Welcome To Youth Music of The World

Youth Music of the World is a unique organisation that creates and organises Performance Travel programmes to some of the world's most prestigious Festivals and Events.  We have nearly thirty years experience behind us, the goodwill and active support of a consummate group of music professionals, and the glowing testimonies of well over 150,000 people, mostly young, but some not so young, who have enjoyed performance travel experiences with us.


We specialise in creating programmes for groups of North American high school, and college musicians, but our expertise extends to all performing arts, as performed by groups from all over the world.  We have a comprehensive network of representative offices and consultants throughout the world.  Our staff have unparalleled expertise and experience.


Youth Music of The World exclusively provides Performance Travel programmes to The New Year's Day Parade and Festival London, The London International Choral Festival, New Year in Rome and Frascati, La Grande Parade de Paris - Champs-Elysees, The Cabalgata de Reyes in Madrid, The Edinburgh Spring Festival and Spring in Maastricht.


Through its In Concert Europe division Youth Music creates bespoke Performance Tours and produces outstanding concert experiences for groups who wish to trvael and perform outside of the organisation's major event framework.