Youth Music Logistics

YMOTW Logistics offers the unique service of specialising in the shipment of Band Instruments and Equipment and taking the hassle out of what can be a rather complicated process! With over 10 years’ experience of shipping over 1,000 tonnes of Marching Band Instruments and Equipment, we really are the market leaders of this service!

What We Do:

YMOTW Logistics will collect your Band Instruments and Equipment directly from your High School / College / University / Performance Group (On a day of your choosing) and transport your Band Instruments and Equipment directly to your specific Hotel in your specific Worldwide Destination. The same will happen on the return in reverse!

Why We Do What We Do:

We do this because not only is it expensive and very hard to ship Band Instruments and Equipment via oversize airlines baggage BUT also because other Logistics providers are simply not able simplify the process of shipping Band Instruments and Equipment in the way that we are and most importantly they are not able to handle your Band Instruments and Equipment with the CARE and Attention that they fully deserve!

In truth, we are not only the ONLY Logistics provider that specialises in shipping Band Instruments and Equipment BUT we are the BEST! We have specialist process’ in place, agreements with Customs departments, robust shipping insurance and many years’ experience in handling Band Instruments and Equipment. We also understand the important and value of a Bands Instruments and Equipment that put quite simply, no other Logistics provider does!

What Can We Ship: Insurance 

Everything….Well almost lol! We have shipped ‘Big Bertha’, the largest drum in the World and so essentially any Band Instrument and Equipment can be shipped with us! That does include delicate and fragile Instruments such as Cellos, Timpanis and String Basses and likewise equipment such as Uniforms, Shakos, Banners, Flags and Drum Harnesses.


We have an incredibly robust Insurance policy specialising in the shipment of Band Instruments and Equipment, to give you extra piece of mind when shipping. Your Band Instruments and Equipment will be fully covered for your outbound and return journey.

Please have a peek at the video below and get in touch for a no obligation shipping quotation OR simply a chat with regards to the best way to ship your Band Instruments and Equipment!