London’s New Year’s Day Parade


London’s New Year’s Day Parade or LNYDP, justifiably bills itself as ‘The Greatest Event in the Greatest City in the World’. The Patrons, Steering Committee and Organisers have granted Youth Music exclusive rights to arrange performance tours for this enormously prestigious event. With a legacy spanning over 30 years, LNYDP annually boasts 8,000 performers from 20 countries around the world. Each year, the audience on the historic Parade route through the centre of London touches two thirds of a million street spectators, and 300 million people worldwide that watched some or all of the three and a half hour live broadcast of the event. LNYDP is not just a parade but is a festival of music too and, just as important as the Parade, is the fabulous series of Gala concerts played out in London’s most celebrated music venues over New Year’s week. The Youth Music Performance Tour to LNYDP is a superb product compatible to the excellence of the event.