Vienna & Prague Spring


We are all incredibly excited to be able to offer you our superb programme in Vienna and Prague.

Vienna is full of magnificent architecture, charm, history and culture that have all blended to make the Austrian capital the most ‘liveable city’ in Europe. Add to that the fact that it is perhaps the most musical city in the world and you have somewhere that simply must not be missed by young musicians from the United States.

Prague is simply stunning. Like Vienna steeped in history and culture and replete with some of the most magnificent buildings, bridges and vistas in the world. A city too of culture and especially of music.

We have spent many years developing our tour programme and the performance opportunities that are within it. We have a splendid range of performance venues in which we can promote your concerts whether they be for concert band, orchestra, string ensembles or (and very specially) choirs. We also have worked with the city governments in both cities to secure some wonderful outdoor opportunities for marching bands. The finest and most historic squares and thoroughfares have been given to us in which to display your musical talents.

Our programme is offered in the springtime – the very best time of year to visit Austria and the Czech Republic. We can arrange your performance tour at a time to suit you in the months of March and April. We cannot recommend this opportunity highly enough. Do join us.

Youth Music of the World also offer an extended tour to the historic city of Salzburg, home to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – CLICK HERE